The workshop will take place on the 20th of April, 2021. Here is our preliminary program schedule; note that the times are shown in Central European Time (Rennes, UTC+2); further below in this page you can find a table with other time zones:

16:15 Welcome

Keynote Talks

16:30 Keynote 1 “Container orchestration in geo-distributed fog computing platforms” by Guillaume Pierre

17:00 Keynote 2 "AWS Lambda’s performance journey" by Marc Brooker

17:30 BREAK

Session 1: Applications and Machine Learning

17:40 Richard Bieringa, Abijith Radhakrishnan, Tavneet Singh, Sophie Vos, Jesse Donkervliet and Alexandru Iosup. An Empirical Evaluation of the Performance of Video Conferencing Systems.

17:55 Dheeraj Chahal and Mayank Mishra. Performance and Cost Comparison of Cloud Services for Deep Learning Workload.

18:10 Malte S. Kurz. Distributed Double Machine Learning with a Serverless Architecture.

18:25 Tim Hegeman, Matthijs Jansen, Alexandru Iosup and Animesh Trivedi. GradeML: Towards Holistic Performance Analysis for Machine Learning Workflows.

18:40 BREAK

Session 2: Performance in the Cloud

18:50 Luuk Klaver, Thijs van der Knaap, Johan van der Geest, Edwin Harmsma, Bram van der Waaij and Paolo Pileggi. Towards Independent Run-Time Cloud Monitoring.

19:05 Giulia Guidi, Marquita Ellis, Aydin Buluc, Katherine Yelick and David Culler. 10 Years Later: Cloud Computing is Closing the Performance Gap.

19:20 Yuxuan Zhao, Dmitry Duplyakin, Robert Ricci and Alexandru Uta. Cloud Performance Variability Prediction.

19:35 BREAK

19:45 Social Session with members of the SPEC RG Cloud group; open to all ICPE attendees. Bring your own drink/snacks!

20:15 END