Keynote Speakers

Marc Brooker: AWS Lambda’s performance journey

Marc Brooker is a Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services. He has worked at AWS since 2008 on multiple services including EC2, EBS and IoT. Today, he focuses on AWS Lambda, including work on scaling and virtualization. Marc really enjoys reading COEs and post-mortems.

Talk abstract: In the five years we’ve run AWS Lambda, we’ve learned a lot about cold and warm function latency, including what drives cold starts, the causes of jitter on warm starts, and the role of noisy neighbors in this densely-packed system. This talk covers what we’ve change, and what we think the future looks like, including applying technologies like VM snapshots to solve the hardest cold start problems.

Guillaume Pierre: Container Orchestration in Geo-Distributed Fog Computing Platforms

Guillaume Pierre is a Professor in Computer Science at the University of Rennes 1, France. Prior to this he spent 13 years at the VU University Amsterdam. His main interests are Fog computing, Cloud computing, and all other forms of large-scale distributed systems. He took part in several European and EIT Digital projects and acted as the lead designer of the ConPaaS platform-as-a-Service environment. He is currently the coordinator of the FogGuru H2020 Maria-Sklodowska project, and the leader of the Myriads research team at INRIA/IRISA.