9. or 10. April, 2022 - Virtual Conference

5th Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing Performance (HotCloudPerf 2022)

Disclaimer: HotCloudPerf 2022 will be fully virtual. Our experience with a virtual ICPE (and HotCloudperf) 2020 and 2021 was excellent and the participants rated the experience and format very highly. For more information, please contact us at: hotcloudperf2022@easychair.org


The HotCloudPerf workshop proposes a meeting venue for academics and practitioners, from experts to trainees, in the field of cloud computing performance. The new understanding of cloud computing covers the full computational continuum from data centers to edge resources to IoT sensors and devices. The workshop aims to engage this community and to lead to the development of new methodological aspects for gaining a deeper understanding not only of cloud performance, but also of cloud operation and behavior, through diverse quantitative evaluation tools, including benchmarks, metrics, and workload generators. The workshop focuses on novel cloud properties such as elasticity, performance isolation, dependability, and other non-functional system properties, in addition to classical performance-related metrics such as response time, throughput, scalability, and efficiency.


The HotCloudPerf workshop is technically sponsored by the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)’s Research Group (RG) and is organized annually by the RG Cloud Group. HotCloudPerf has emerged from the series of yearly meetings organized by the RG Cloud Group, since 2013. The RG Cloud Group group is taking a broad approach, relevant for both academia and industry, to cloud benchmarking, quantitative evaluation, and experimental analysis.


  1. Methodological and practical aspects of software engineering, performance engineering, and computer systems related to hot topics in cloud performance.

  2. Empirical performance studies in cloud computing environments and systems, including observation, measurement, and surveys.

  3. Performance analysis using modeling, simulation, and queueing theory for cloud environments, applications, and systems.

  4. Tuning and auto-tuning of systems operating in cloud environments, e.g., auto-tiering of data or optimized resource deployment.

  5. Software patterns and architectures for engineering cloud performance, e.g., serverless.

  6. End-to-end performance engineering for pipelines and workflows in cloud environments, or of applications with non-trivial SLAs.

  7. Tools for monitoring and studying cloud computing performance.

  8. General and specific methods and methodologies for understanding and engineering cloud performance.

  9. Serverless computing platforms and microservices in cloud datacenters.

  10. Case studies on cloud performance and its interaction with the computational continuum

Important Dates

January 15, 2022

January 20, 2022

February 25, 2022


April 9. or 10., 2022

Abstract due

Papers due

Author Notification

Camera-ready deadline

Workshop day

Submission Types

  1. Full-papers (8 pages including references)

  2. Short-papers (4 pages including references)

  3. Talk only (1-2 pages, not included in the proceedings).


The format of the submissions should follow the ACM format of the companion conference, ICPE.

All presented papers will have a good amount of time allocated for Q&A plus feedback. In addition, the presentation session will be wrapped up by a 10-15 min discussion.

Submission Site

Articles and talk-only contributions are required to be submitted via EasyChair.

Call for Papers

You can find the full Call for Papers (CfP) here: CfP

Organizing Committee

Cristina L. Abad, Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral, Ecuador, (cabadr@espol.edu.ec)

Simon Eismann, University of Würzburg, Germany, (nikolas.herbst@uni-wuerzburg.de)

Alexandru Iosup, VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands (a.iosup@vu.nl)

To contact the chairs, you can email: hotcloudperf2022@easychair.org

Program Committee


Cristina Abad, Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral

Ahmed Ali-Eldin, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg

Marta Beltran, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Andre Bondi, Software Performance and Scalability Consulting LLC

Marc Brooker, Amazon Web Services

Lucy Cherkasova, ARM Research

Dmitry Duplyakin, University of Utah

Bogdan Ghit, Databricks

Wilhelm Hasselbring, University of Kiel

Nikolas Herbst, University of Würzburg

Alexandru Iosup, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Alessandro Papadopoulos, Mälardalen University

Joel Scheuner, Chalmers | University of Gothenburg

Petr Tůma, Charles University

Alexandru Uta, Leiden University

Erwin van Eyk, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

André van Hoorn, University of Stuttgart

Chen Wang, IBM